Dart Battles

$200hr. 30+ Nerf Gun Battle- Referee, bullets, and arena. Each player will get a Mask, safety glasses, wristband and vest. Then your choice of weapon form our 50+ inventory of the latest nerf guns including the new Rival series. Finally pick your battle. 1) Capture the flag 2) Kids VS Parents 3) Last Man Standing 4) Your Own (we enjoy new battles) Add people at $10 a person. 30 minute time min on battle No Max. Extra battle time added 30 minute intervals.

Water Wars

$200/2hrs w/water hook up. 100 water balloons , 20+water gun, and a 4ft unicorn sprinkler or 6 ft shark sprinkler or slip n slide Extra Balloons 100pack for $10. 30 minute min per wars .Extra time can be added in 30 minute intervals for $20 per.

Laser Battles

$175hr-8on8 Laser Tag- 1 referee, 1 arena, 16 laser & vest. Plus a mask, wristband, and safety glasses. 16 person max. 30 minute min..


$150hr-B.Y.O.G(Bring your own guns)-For our customers with there own weapons and just need a ref and arena. Also for paintballers.